Co-living for the young at heart

Move-in ready homes for those 55+

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The co-living experience for 55+

The co-living experience for 55+

The new and fun way for adults to live

You deserve freedom, independance, and the ability to choose where and how you live in your community of choice. Co-living is a fun way to live sustainably, connecting you with other compatible people so you can enjoy your independence and freedom. Move into a fully furnished home with flexible rental terms and get connected to the local community instantaneously. Each person has their own private room while everyone shares a communal kitchen and common areas.

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Connect with like-minded people

Co-living arrangements match 2 to 4 or more people together who share similar values and interests. Everyone completes a thorough background screening process and lifestyle matching questionnaire. Browse options that suit your lifestyle, from country living with horses to urban centers with street vendors. Every home provides a unique experience, you can choose to stay for a few months or a few years.

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Life in the home

Happipad co-living homes come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. Every home has one Host who lives in the home and manages the household. Each person has their own bedroom while the main kitchen and common areas are shared. Each person contributes towards household chores, helping each other to maintain their independence. Everyone is encouraged to share meals, family-style, or do your own thing when you have a busy day. Households can be composed of people of similar ages, or inter-generational, depending on what each person wants.

Aging in place

Co-living provides a vibrant environment and enriched senior living experience to support those wanting to age in place


85% of seniors want to age in place

According to the National Seniors Council, 85% of Canadian seniors report they want to age in place. The modern senior is wanting to live independently in their community, choosing their own activities and social outings. Co-living provides seniors with a high degree of personal attention and freedom all while being a fraction of the cost of institutional senior housing.

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Supporting healthy aging

Age in place in the home and community you want to live in. We will match you with housing companions plus extra support as you need it. Get extra housekeeping and check-ins from professionals (as needed) to provide support and peace of mind.

How it works


1. Register

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2. Find a home

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3. Secure home

Apply to your favorite home and sign a rental agreement for your desired length of stay.

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