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Companion housing is a fast growing trend that is helping many Canadians live happier, healthier, and more financially stable lives. This free interactive workshop is intended to help older adults learn about companion housing and how to take the first steps.

The workshop is hosted online using ZOOM. An email with details on how to join will be sent after registering with the form below.

There are three modules with breaks in-between, a short Q&A session and a networking session at the end where you have a chance to meet your very own housing companion. 

Total length of the workshop is 3 hours including breaks and networking.

Part 1: 45 minutes

10 minute break

Part 2: 40 minutes

15 minute break

Part 3: 45 minutes

Q&A: 10 minutes

Networking: 30 minutes

Part 1

What is companion housing

How companion housing can help you and who benefits.

Clean comfortable room

Part 2

Finding housing companions

How to find and choose the right housing companion.

Create a profile online

Part 3

Steps for success

Tips and best practices to share space and have a happy companion home.

Review applications and sign contract online


Ask questions and meet others

Virtual networking – maybe you will meet a new companion?

Clean comfortable room

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