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Live a happier and healthier life with companion housing. This course will teach you the benefits, how to do it, and considerations to make.

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Companion Housing

We are naturally social creatures, living among like-minded people has shown to improve health and happiness. Companion housing is the act of sharing a home with one or more people that share common interests and personalities. The intention is to create a mutually beneficial home environment that provides tremendous social, economic, and health benefits. This education course will teach you about the benefits of companion housing, how it works, and how to get started. Companion housing is for people of all ages so get started today!

Course content

Module 1


History, how it works, types of arrangements

Module 2

Benefits & limitations

Determine if companion housing is for you

Module 3

Choosing companions

Finding and interviewing housing companions

Module 4

Getting ready

How to prepare your home for housing companions

Module 5

House rules

Establishing house rules and expectations

Module 6

Home environment

How to maintain a harmonious home environment

Module 7

Conflict resolution

How to resolve conflicts and reach a mutual agreement

Module 8


Legal rights, financial considerations, and insurance

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What people are saying

  • Companion housing education is a vital component to help older adults age in place. I am a firm believer in the benefits, I wish everyone would try it.

    Vi Sorenson Profile
    Vi Sorenson
    Executive Director
    Senior Outreach and Services Society
  • I believe there has never been a more important time for companion housing. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact, companion housing is one solution that can help us recover and increase our resilience. 

    anthony_barclay_manor_profile square
    Anthony Kupferschmidt
    Executive Director
    West End Seniors Network
  • Companion housing is not just having a roommate. It is a way to reimagine how we live and use our homes. If you have been living alone for a while you need to take this course.

    Cailan profile square 2
    Cailan Libby