Hosting with Happipad

Being a host is so much more than renting a room. It’s a way to help your community and meet amazing people.

hassle free experience

Less work

Easy contracts and get paid automatically – streamline the entire rental process through our platform

Find the right fit

Great people

Everyone you meet on Happipad is looking for the same thing – housing companionship to create happy homes.

background checks and identity verification

Feel confident

Gain the information edge with detailed profiles, screening reports, and advice on demand.

A senior lady host showing photos to a young man on a couch

Happipad story

Happipad is creating a more sustainable approach to housing where we share unused space for mutual benefit.  We help you connect with like-minded people to build happy homes and healthier lifestyles.

Learn about our social mission

Become a host and help a student or young working professional

Why host with Happipad?

As a host you can earn extra income from your spare bedroom while helping others and making a difference in your community.  With Happipad, you remain in control as we support you every step of the way.

Am I eligible?

Hosts must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, Hosts must be a primary owner or primary renter of the home and must share kitchen or bathroom facilities with the Guest.

Host testimonial: Paulette the host spending quality time with her dog and her guest

I really wanted someone who would be part of my family

Paulette – Happipad host since 2018

Control how you host

flexibility 2

Host when you want

Set available dates for your room rental with our calendar booking system, with minimum one-month stays.  You can even book your room several months in advance.



Set your price

Set your monthly room rental price including utilities.  Want extra help from a Guest?  You can offer task exchange for reduced rent


Set house rules

Set fair and clear house rules and expectations for your guests. Guests must follow these rules, a breach can result in an early termination.


Find the right fit

Maintain freedom

You have freedom to enjoy your lifestyle, your guests will take care of themselves. Enjoy sharing meals or a movie when time permits.

Happipad customer support staff standing in front of a house after a home visit

Community of support

The Happipad team is here to support you throughout the entire hosting process by giving you proactive tips and suggestions to maintain a harmonious home environment.  If you have questions, visit our support page or contact us.  We are here to help.

Learn more about hosting

Preparing your home

Tips to prepare your home to be a successful host.

Choosing your guest

Tips to interview and choose a guest who is compatible with your home.

Communicating with guests

Advice for effective communication with your guest.

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