Why Paulette Hosts

Paulette enjoys hosting students in her home with her dog and son.

Host and guest story - Paulette and Jonathan

What was your reason to start hosting?

When I was younger I rented many places so I wanted to give back and help others. As well, being a single mother I wanted a way to make some extra income from my guest suite, but I wanted to maintain control of my home.

What concerns did you have?

I was very cautious about sharing my home with someone I did not know, especially because I have a younger son. I was concerned about them respecting my home and being able to get along with my family. I also like to keep my home very clean and organized, I did not want someone who was messy.

Host and Guest relationship - Paulette, Jonathan, and dog playtime

What was your first hosting experience like?

My first guest was a university student, after a few days he started to feel like part of my family. What was really special is how he became a role model for my younger son helped him with his math and science. However, there was the time he fed my dog chicken bones, fortunately nothing happened and we had to talk about some rules with the dog.

Have you hosted many people?

I have hosted several different people, including fellow Canadians and international students. Currently I am hosting a university student from Syria.

What advice do you have for new hosts?

Setting clear and fair house rules is very important, and these must be established as soon as your guest moves in. Communication is also very important, never assume someone knows your way of doing things. Lastly, be open and inviting to your guest so they feel like part of your family, it makes the experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

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