Why Happipad?

If you have a spare bedroom to rent out but don’t want to go through the hassle, Happipad is here to help. 

Unlike room rental sites, Happipad provides more security, better screening tools, and a lot more service.  These features are ideal for homeowners who are new to home sharing and want extra support while opening up their home to others.

Am I eligible?

Hosts must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, Hosts must be a primary owner or primary renter of the home and must share kitchen or bathroom facilities with Guests.


Who are the Guests?

Happipad Guests are individuals or couples that are looking for a welcoming and affordable home for a fixed-term stay. Many Guests are students, young mature adults moving for work, or older adults looking for a compatible roommate. As a Host you get to choose who you want as a Guest and how long of a rental term you want to offer.

What does home sharing feel like?

By renting your spare room, you stand for:

1) Connectedness 

Every room that we rent brings people closer together.

2) Sustainability 

Every room that we rent means that a new room doesn’t need to be built.

3) Affordability

Every room that we rent creates an affordable home for someone in need.

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Host Services


Unlimited Matching

List and advertise your rooms as many times as you like


Rental Contract Generator

Legal living arrangement agreements that keep you protected


Rent Collection

Get paid automatically and directly into your bank account


Support Services

Get help from our professional support centre if any conflicts or disputes arise


Background Checks

Industry leading background checks of over 200,000 international databases


Home Sharing Advice

In-house experts and resources to help you follow best home sharing practices


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