How it Works

Join the shared living experience & take the risk out of renting.

Happipad is about matching two compatible people – a host and a guest – into a mutually beneficial living arrangement. The host earns some spare cash and the guest saves money. But how does this process really work? Check out these simple steps…

1. Tell us about yourself

It’s all about getting to know you. Do you have a spare room or do you need a room to live in? Great! Now tell us a bit more about yourself, your personality, your traits, and your lifestyle. This sets the stage for host and guest compatibility which makes living together so much more comfortable than the traditional landlord-tenant relationship.

2. Set the stage

Now that we know about you, tell us what you have or what you are looking for. Hosts list rooms and describe the home culture. Guests browse at their leisure based on location, access to transportation routes, and also the personality, lifestyle and living habits of the Host.

living arrangement agreement
3. Connect with real people

Once a Guest finds something they like they can reach out to the Host who has a chance to review the profile. Next, connect using Happipad’s messenger to learn more about each other and schedule a time to video chat or even meet for coffee.

4. Confirm a legal arrangement

So everything matches up, now what? It’s easy, Happipad helps you set up a legal shared living contract for a set one to twelve month period so you can focus on moving in. We also handle damage deposits and late rents, automate rent payments, and provide dispute support in case of conflicts. Consider us an elite service that gives you peace of mind.

living arrangement agreement
5. What's next?

After your stay is over, renew your contract, or reset and try another match. Happipad gives you the flexibility to rent how you want. Our users love the companionship and report feeling both happier and healthier.

Don’t just listen to us. Here’s what people say about us.

How It Works
  • Everything is perfect!

    Everything is perfect!

    Happipad has been above my expectations with the simplicity and reliability of the process and results. My hosts are concerned about my actual needs and expectations in regards to my housing and study experience.

    Humberto - Guest
  • The whole idea of Happipad!

    The whole idea of Happipad!

    The whole idea of Happipad is a win both for the guest and the host. The selection methods, the security and safety, and your management of the program. I have learned how important building an operating agreement with my guest is.

    Judy - Host
  • Great program. Thank you!!

    Great program. Thank you!!

    Previously I had tried to rent out my room privately and it did not work out. I value the convenience of Happipad and the connecting with roommates that are compatible. Great program.

    Linda - Host

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