Post-Secondary Institutions

Partner with Happipad to offer home sharing for students

Home sharing offers an affordable alternative to the dorm lifestyle while integrating students into your local community.  Students are able to find mentors, meet friends, and experience your local Canadian culture first hand. You have the opportunity to create an immersive experience for your students with opportunities for inter-generational and multi-cultural connections.


The concept…

Let us handle the complicated aspects in the background so you can provide a quality service with minimal setup required. Focus on delivering a great student experience using home sharing as a new and unique service to improve affordability and social connections. With home sharing everyone wins!

The Process


Our team will work with you to assess your institutions goals, student housing needs, and current recruitment strategies. This includes an evaluation of your current housing services, student support programs, and international programs.

Build your program

Happipad collaborates with you to create a revenue generating home sharing program in alignment with your institution’s goals. Happipad provides training and resources to launch your program quickly and effectively.


Choose a hands-on or hands-free approach to operate your program with Happipad. Access and manage your account through your own portal on our secure home sharing platform. Happipad also provides resources and offers on site training.

Student Experience


Offer more to your students for less

Home sharing is much more than affordable housing for students. Participants report healthier lifestyles including better sleeping habits, eating better, and studying more. Home sharing offers a supportive environment reducing mental stress by reducing a student’s financial burden. Students are also exposed to new people, Canadian culture, diverse ideas, and mentorship.

Working together

Institutions 3 Tips

Build your institutions offerings

Partner with Happipad to offer your students new affordable housing options without the need for property management. Our secure portal allows students to access homes in your community without the need for any assistance from your student housing office. Add value to your students housing experience by promoting your program to prospective mentors and directing students to apply to verified hosts. Not only do we provide you access to our technology and legal frameworks, we work with you to create affordable housing options without having to build new housing units.

Happipad Technical Support

Happipad Features

Happipad handles the background details to ensure your home share program operates smoothly.

Background screening: Over 240,000 database searches for criminal records, sex offenders, evictions, and much more

Personality matching: Make it easy to find compatible matches with our advanced algorithm and matching process

Legal contracts: We create legal agreements for every living arrangements to protect each persons rights

Rent collection: Our secure payment portal handles rent collection and late rents so you don’t have to

Security deposits: Our payment partner manages deposits to ensure compliance

Room listings: Our advanced web app makes it easy to advertise available rooms and receive applications

Damage claims: We administer damage claims to hosts homes making it easy to claim against security deposits

Dispute support: Our support and legal team will provide valuable resources and guidance to help resolve conflicts within shared living arrangements.

Getting started…

Institutional requirements

Once a partnership is established we will work with your institution to set up your home sharing programs structure. Depending on the level of your involvement institutions may require a staff member to manage their home sharing program, or capacity to hire someone to fill this role. This person will oversee the recruitment of potential students and dependent on structure potentially recruiting host mentors from their community.

Partner with us

Inquire to receive a free consultation.

Partner with us

Inquire to receive a free consultation.

One of our team members will reach out to you to discuss your project


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