Society Partnerships

Could your community benefit from an inter-generational home sharing program?

Happipad offers partnership opportunities for not-for-profit societies who want to establish a home sharing program in their community. Working with Happipad allows your society to leverage our industry expertise and technical innovations to establish and run your program with minimal capital investment and staffing requirements. Let us handle the complicated aspects including legal contracts, secure payment processing, background screening, personality matching, and digital advertising. We do the work in the background so you can focus on serving your community and building personal connections.

Benefits of Home Sharing

Home-sharing programs are great for communities

Home sharing is an innovative way to add affordable housing options to your community while also creating social benefits. There are many opportunities for people of all ages and cultures to participate in home sharing. Matches can be inter-generational, multi-cultural, or between people in the same phase of life. Hosts earn extra income and guests save money, all while building connections that help address social isolation and loneliness. 

The Process

Community Assessment

Our team will work with you to assess your community and how to structure a program. This includes an evaluation of your community services and eligible streams of grant funding.

Build your program

Happipad will work with your society to create a program that aligns with your community needs. Happipad will provide training and resources to get your program launched quickly and effectively.


Operating your program is simple with Happipad. You will have your own portal on our secure home sharing platform to manage your program. We will provide resources and perform a site visit for training.



Grow with your society

Happipad believes in creating sustainable home sharing programs that can serve your community for many years. Home sharing programs not only bring exceptional value to your community, they can strengthen your society and create a revenue stream to help cover your operating costs. Part of establishing your program is creating a fee structure where a percentage of monthly rent will be given to your society through our secure platform. Your society may also be eligible for a grant to cover the costs of establishing a new program in your community.

Working together


Your helping hand

Partnering with Happipad makes it easy to create a sustainable home sharing program. Not only do we provide you access to our technology and legal frameworks, we work with you to improve home sharing experiences and the well being of people in your community. We are actively invested in research to improve inter-generational and cultural connections. 

Technical support we provide

Happipad Features

Happipad handles the work in the background to ensure your home share program operates smoothly. 

Background screening: Over 240,000 database searches for criminal records, sex offenders, evictions, and much more

Personality matching: Make it easy to find compatible matches with our advanced algorithm and matching process

Legal contracts: We create legal agreements for every living arrangements to protect each persons rights

Rent collection: Our secure payment portal handles rent collection and late rents so you don’t have to

Security deposits: Our payment partner manages deposits to ensure compliance

Room listings: Our advanced web app makes it easy to advertise available rooms and receive applications

Damage claims: We administer damage claims to hosts homes making it easy to claim against security deposits

Dispute support: Our support and legal team will provide valuable resources and guidance to help resolve conflicts within shared living arrangements.

Getting started…

Once a partnership is established we will work with your society to set up your home sharing program. Societies will be given access to our secure online platform to leverage our technical expertise and advanced technology without needing in-house technology skills.  Happipad assists with the logistics in the background to support your society to operate a high quality home sharing program.

Society requirements

Societies must have a staff member to manage their home sharing program, or capacity to hire someone to fill this role. This person will oversee the on-boarding and support of their members. Societies may also have volunteers to help with the on-boarding and operations of their program. Societies should already be offering complimentary services to their members, particularly for seniors.

Partner with us

Inquire to receive a free consultation.

Partner with us

Inquire to receive a free consultation.

One of our team members will reach out to you to discuss your project