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Create Profile

Set up your host profile from email verification to editing personal details

Room Listing

Everything you need to know about how to list your available rooms


A quick tour to familiarize you with the Happipad account dashboard


Everything from reviewing new applications to signing a contract with your Guest

Home-sharing Tips


Home Preparations

Everything from interviewing potential guests to preparing your home

Photo Guide

Tips to take good photos to attract great Guests

Interview Guide

Tips to prevent conflicts and keep a positive home environment

Guest Stay

Move-in Guide

Things you should discuss with your Guest prior to settling in

Rules & Expectations

Areas to establish clear house rules and expectations in happy shared living

Ending Stay

Key points for Guest move-out and early termination of contract

Preventing Conflicts

5 Tips to Prevent Conflicts

Tips to prevent conflicts in order to maintain healthy and happy shared living

Understanding Culture

Recognizing cultural norms and differences in a shared living arrangement

Effective Communication

Tips to establish good communication and create a positive environment

Understanding Boundaries

Key points to help understand and establish boundaries 

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